The Recruit Program Community Giveback

26 Aug

Events & Conferences

This past month Accelalpha attended an award ceremony on August 16th, recognizing students who had participated against another for contracts of employment as part of a project in Scotland known as The Recruit. Accelalpha had volunteered earlier this summer to help teach students part of the program in July.

The Recruit project is loosely based off of the TV show, The Apprentice. Where instead, 35 students from Inverclyde are put in an environment to build leadership qualities. These young minds participate in an outward bound team-building course.

Recruit Award Ceremony

Students hear from some of Scotland’s top entrepreneurs, going up against business challenges hosted by partner companies. The scholars are given the opportunity to compete for 12-month contracts of employment with some of The Recruit’s partner companies. Throughout the summer, the students write reports on the challenges they have participated in. Partner companies monitor the young adults during this time to determine who the contracts will be awarded to. The successful ‘Recruits’ are announced and the year’s winning students are awarded at a glamorous finale dinner to conclude the event.

Accelalpha was delighted to be able to provide these aspiring young people with a unique challenge day. Students are tasked with taking part in conference calls with people overseas. In the 13 years the program has been running, this is the first time that the students have been tested like this. Hosts for the day were, Taylor McGhee, Chris Larkin, and Matthew Tolan, from Accelalpha’s Gourock, Scotland office. The three started by introducing the students to Accelalpha. They explained what Accelalpha does, who our typical clients are, and walked them through what Global Trade Management (GTM) is. 

The Recruit participants then moved on to an ice-breaking game to lift the students’ spirits. Accelalpha’s team then provided them with some education on basic consulting skills that they could put to good use in the afternoon’s challenge. The morning was wrapped up with a briefing on what their recruit challenge would entail.

During the challenge, students were split into four teams, each forming a consulting firm. They were then tasked with competing to win Accelalpha’s custom prize. The four student companies all specialized in developing web-based travel solutions. The challenge’s concept was for each team to gather as much information as possible. Students navigated problems and scenarios while operating their theoretical business. 

Each student team participated in conference calls with two Accelalpha employees in the United States. The fake companies included Gamma Watt, ConsulNation, Operational Omega, and DecelDelta. The scholars presented their findings to Accelalpha once they gathered enough information to build a case. 

Students explained how their solution would solve the problems they had identified. After which, Accelalpha’s GTM Practice Director, Joe Spear, provided feedback to the students via a video conference call. Spear also gave them some insight into the skills he developed over his career since leaving school. After much deliberation, the onsite Accelalpha team announced that Operational Omega had won the challenge.

Accelalpha was delighted to be able to provide the students with a few surprises throughout the day as well. The young adults enjoyed pizza for lunch, had an ice-cream truck come to the venue to provide dessert, and were gifted with some company-branded stationery!

Our company is honored that we were able to support such an incredible program. The dedication of these young minds is truly inspirational. After the success of this year’s challenge day, our company hopes that Accelalpha can continue to support The Recruit program in the coming years.