Learning Curve Analytics (LCA)

While learning curve analysis has been used for decades by many organizations in both the public and private sectors to forecast and measure cost performance in support of cost reduction efforts, the evolution of technology and tools to enable learning curve analysis has lagged behind other enterprise solutions for improving competitiveness.  LCA by Accelalpha is a learning curve based advanced data analytics platform with standard data connectors for rapid integration with other Industry 4.0 solutions. 

Key Features

  • Integrated Data Base
  • Robust Master Data
  • Data Connectors for Mass Uploads
  • Customized WBS Creation
  • LC Scenario Visualization
  • Multi-Level Aggregation
  • Role-Based Security

Business Benefits

  • Increase Forecasting Accuracy
  • Make Costs & Cost Drivers Visible
  • Drive Continuous Cost Reduction
  • Identify Performance Trends
  • Visualize Price/Cost Analysis
  • Support DTC/Should Cost efforts
  • Improve Analyst Productivity

Download the data sheet to learn how LCA can enable your organization.

LCA Data Sheet

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