Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Traditional approaches to producing quotes and proposals from your CRM or ERP system can be complicated, manual, and poorly defined, resulting in errors and wasted sales time. In some cases, delays in sales transactions occur because product-options and price information are not readily available to sales people. In other situations, Commerce processes are not streamlined which delays the completion of sales transactions. Because of these delays it, is typical that several manual cycles are required to resolve deal terms, and to get the required approvals. With traditional approaches, it is also common for service renewals and up sell opportunities to be missed as they are not clearly visible at the time of quote creation for customers.

Our Approach

  • Implement Oracle CPQ Cloud to support the configure, price and quote process.
  • Reduce upfront investment through comprehensive phased roll-out.
  • Leverage Change Management techniques to drive Business Process Transformation.
  • Focus on User Experience to maximize System Adoption.
  • Keep constant alignment with the project mission and objectives.

Key Benefits

  • Transform your sales processes to sell more, faster, easier, and with greater accuracy, while providing a superior customer experience.
  • Reduce time, ensure compliance, increase up sell and maximize service renewals.
  • Reduce upfront investment through comprehensive phased roll-out.
  • Maximize internal and external system adoption.

Products & Technology

  • Oracle CPQ Cloud for Channel Partners
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud for eCommerce
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud for MidMarket
  • BigMachines BMI
  • BigMachines BMX (