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Warehouse Management (WMS)

Oracle Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are evolving rapidly to manage an expanding demand from different fulfillment channels. The Oracle WMS logistics solution is being constantly updated with new features and capabilities. It grows with your business, supporting global shipments and keeping your warehouse running efficiently.

At Accelalpha we focus our Oracle WMS consulting services on enabling our customers to achieve a greater fulfillment efficiency. We accomplish this by leveraging Oracle WMS Cloud as a safer place for data, a shorter path to multichannel commerce, and a smarter way to orchestrate Supply Chain Execution.

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  • Gain in-depth understanding of our customers’ warehouse operations and the challenges they face through a detailed discovery process
  • Recommend a suitable phased Oracle WMS implementation service to realize a quick ROI
  • Prepare our customers for future growth through in-depth knowledge transfer from our Oracle WMS consultants
  • Use pre-defined Oracle WMS implementation templates developed by Accelalpha to reduce the implementation timeframe and cost
  • Complete, real-time, visibility of inventory within the supply chain
  • Reduce unnecessary inventory levels
  • Improve customer satisfaction due to product availability
  • The flexibility to pivot quickly to absorb supply chain shocks and take advantage of new business opportunities
  • Reduce implementation time of Oracle WMS for a fast ROI
  • Improve scalability, productivity and inventory accuracy
  • Depth of knowledge, experience and skill of Accelalpha's Oracle WMS consultants
  • Certified Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Specialized Partner.
  • Accelalpha's Oracle  WMS consultants were part of the original development team for the WMS product
  • Our Oracle WMS consultants have completed three times more implementations than any other Oracle partner
  • Breadth of logistics and supply chain expertise to support Transportation Management, Trade Management, ERP and Order Management
  • Integration services to connect Oracle WMS to your existing ERP system and other applications
  • 100% referenceable customers – Overall commitment to customer success from the leadership and throughout the company
  • Accelalpha is the only Oracle WMS implementation partner that is also a Certified Reseller for Zebra. This allows us to offer complete accountability for a comprehensive WMS solution, including data collection hardware and label printing.

Q: What areas of the distribution and fulfillment process does Oracle WMS optimize?

A: WMS optimizes fulfilment execution. The outbound flow of orders from your company to your customers. This includes order consolidation, picking, packing and shipping. WMS also optimizes inbound yard management, receiving, inspection and put away. It also manages the inventory in the warehouse as well as replenishment, kitting, and value added services.

Q: How can Oracle WMS help me accommodate Advance Shipment Notices?

A: Oracle has out of the box functionality for receipt of Advance Shipment Notices (ASNs). This helps to automate the receiving process based on the information in the ASN. Oracle WMS Cloud can also generate ASNs for customers as part of the outbound shipping process.

Q: Does Oracle WMS help provide visibility of inventory ownership?

A: It does - WMS can be integrated with ERP systems to track inventory ownership. Consigned inventory can be tracked in the warehouse by zone or by lock code. For third party logistics companies, WMS supports multi-facility and multi-company allocation within the warehouse.

Q: What areas outside of general warehouse processes can an Oracle WMS help?

A: Oracle WMS has built in business intelligence to improve visibility into warehouse operations for reporting. Oracle WMS also has standard APIs to integrate with and control automation systems such as robots and conveyors etc.

Q: How can Oracle WMS reduce costs in storage and shipment processes?

A: Oracle WMS can leverage storage rules to provide better inventory management so you can reduce overall inventory, and reduce wastage by warning when inventory is close to expiration. Oracle WMS also improves labor productivity by providing system generated tasks based on best practices, reducing warehouse travel time, and automating many previously manual tasks. Finally, Oracle WMS can also optimize the volume of packages to keep warehouse size to a minimum.

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