OTM Cloud and IoT – A contemporary solution for today’s Logistics challenges.

27 Aug

Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)


Bac Ky Logistics, a major logistics services provider based in Vietnam, recently licensed Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Cloud to boost efficiency of its business operations. The company provides a wide range of services including domestic and international trucking, river and waterway transportation, warehousing, customs clearance and other support services. The implementation of OTM Cloud is directed at giving Bac Ky access to a complete, cloud-based transportation management solution which allows for better coordination between business units, upgraded monitoring capabilities and collection of valuable data. In addition to OTM Cloud, Bac Ky has also announced its decision to implement Oracle’s Internet of Things (IoT) Fleet Monitoring Cloud Application to manage its river and domestic transportation services.

Accelalpha’s Asia Pacific team was selected to implement Oracle’s cutting edge transportation and IoT solutions to meet Bac Ky’s challenges. IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud will be deployed in tandem with OTM Cloud to provide a seamless transport planning capability with control based execution and monitoring support. Accelalpha’s solution will be among the first in the world to leverage the power of both OTM Cloud and Oracle’s IoT Cloud Applications.

Addressing the Pain Points

With the combination of Oracle solutions in place, Bac Ky will automate scheduling of current transportation and delivery management which will improve transparency, speed and optimize cost. Some of the challenges that Bac Ky faced before moving to OTM Cloud were:

  • (1) Manual Trip Planning which was neither time or cost efficient.
  • (2) Difficulty in maintaining a consistent SLA and selecting the most economical carrier in multiple vendor arrangements.
  • (3) To increase owned fleet utilization.
  • (4) Moving from reactive exception management to rule based proactive exception management.
  • (5) Access to real time visibility and status control.

In addition, Bac Ky had limited control and visibility over third party service providers which affected their customer SLA. Real-time tracking of external vendor fleets would help aligning WHS/DC operations and match multiple movements together, increasing Bac Ky’s ability to negotiate for better rates and increase customer satisfaction.

Focusing on an Out-of-the-Box Solution

The new IoT powered solution will result in reduced costs and lower dependency on labour intensive tasks such as product maintenance and fleet monitoring. The increased efficiency of processes will allow Bac Ky Logistics to focus on core business operations. Moreover, Bac Ky would also benefit from reduced inception expenses (OPEX) and a cloud based solution will reduce the need of a large IT support team. Multiple Oracle products will facilitate this operational shift:

  • Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Cloud
  • Transportation Operations Planning
  • Freight Settlement, Billing and Claims
  • Fleet Management
  • IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud


A Trusted Partner in the Industry

Accelalpha has a successful record of implementing advanced global transportation and logistics solutions over the last decade. It has been the implementation partner for several Fortune 100 companies and is an Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer. Accelalpha’s resources worldwide possess in-depth industry, logistics and business process experience and most have been part of multiple project life-cycles. In addition to this, Accelalpha follows an accelerated implementation approach with global implementation capabilities across all regions – NAM, APAC, EUR, AFR and LatAM.

For more information please reach out to Deepak Thakur, Director of APAC Solution Sales & Consulting.