Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)


With the increase in Global Supply Chains, many organizations are faced with the challenges of delivering products to their customers at a fast pace, low cost and high reliability. Organizations that have Logistics Operations team, enabled by an industry leading Transportation Management Solution, are not only able to address those challenges effectively but also gain competitive edge in the market place. 

At Accelalpha, we help our customers address their supply chain challenges and realize benefits using our hands-on industry expertise, OTM implementation experience and in-depth knowledge of industry leading best practices. 


our approach

  • Gain in-depth understanding of our customer's logistics operations and the challenges through detailed discovery
  • Recommend a suitable phased implementation strategy using OTM as a technology enabler to realize quick ROI
  • Empower our customers to be prepared for the future growth through in-depth knowledge transfer
  • Use pre-defined logistics solution as a baseline to reduce the implementation timeframe

Key results ACHIEVED

  • 5-8% transportation cost reduction through low cost carrier selection, load consolidation and mode shift
  • 2-4% cost savings through improved freight audit / payment process
  • Improved customer and carrier relationships through increased visibility and proactive notification
  • Improved operational efficiencies by using automated workflow and managing by exception
  • Improve the transportation maturity level standing and gain competitive advantage by using industry leading logistics practices

Our Capabilities

  • Logistics solution implementation services
  • Solution Health Check 
  • On-premise to OTM cloud migration
  • Managed Services/Support


Product & Technology Enablers

Accelalpha uses industry leading TMS system to achieve our customer's goals

  • Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)
  • Accel OTM Cloud Solution
  • Master Data Management tools
  • Integration Adapters for multiple ERPs
  • Pre-defined EDI standards