Master Data Management


Companies of all sizes have multiple operational and analytical applications that make use of master data domains such as Customers, Suppliers and Products. Each of these applications may have their own unique data management processes, and unique attributes that are associated with the master data. The result is a very complex process of master data creation, maintenance and sharing. In many cases, master data is not trusted, as it is out of sync and incomplete. This in turn can lead to integration failures, transaction issues and unreliable metrics.

our approach

  • Implement Master Data Management framework to improve processes across master data life cycle and enable centralized data management and consistent view across the organization.

  • Enforce master data stewardship and governance.

  • Leverage best of breed integration technology that will allow for reconciling, sharing and synchronizing of master data across heterogeneous systems.


  • Accurate and consistent view of master data across heterogeneous systems.

  • Improved master data quality across the life cycle.

  • Simplified data governance processes.

  • Improved reliability on data resulting in efficiency gains


    To implement Master Data Management solutions, Accelalpha leverages the following products from the Oracle's leading Master Data Management framework.

    • Siebel Universal Customer Master
    • Oracle Data Integrator
    • Oracle Enterprise Data Quality
    • Oracle Data Relationship Management
    • Oracle Fusion Customer Hub
    • Oracle Fusion Product Hub
    • Oracle Site Hub
    • Oracle Supplier Hub