Companies increasingly want to leverage multi-channel selling while providing a unified experience to customers, but are often hindered by poorly integrated technologies. Customers then have multiple touch-points to make a single purchase resulting in less desired user experience. 

Our Approach

  • Enable organizations to move to a unified cross-channel sales model, creating impressive web, store, phone, kiosk and mobile customer experiences.

  • Extend the platform leveraging best practices and preferring configuration over customizations.

  • Adopt a fundamentally different approach, and begin with the customer and all relevant data to trigger dynamic experiences in a highly scalable model.

  • Leverage our expert consultants to help successfully execute online and digital strategy.



  • Improve the time to market new features and functionality.

  • Consistent and streamlined user experience - engaging and personalized.

  • Improved customer engagement by transforming how cross-channel experience is created and delivered.

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

Products & Technology

  • Oracle ATG Commerce

  • Oracle Endeca Customer Experience