Business Intelligence

Organizations are challenged to meet business objectives when they cannot effectively monitor actual performance. Often times, data for reporting is not consistently acquired, is not real-time, and quality is poor. This hinders decision makers from taking timely corrective actions.

our approach

  1. Implement highly configurable, real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), with drill down analytical capabilities across diverse data-sources. 

  2. Take an holistic implementation approach, taking into consideration business vision, goals, current state, pain points, future state and risks.

  3. Prioritize KPI rollouts based on business value and criticality.

  4. Deliver solution in a rapid and iterative model.

  5. Provide both Software and Solution as a Service.



To implement a robust solution, Accelalpha leverages a pre-packaged framework that includes:

  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) technology that enables 'real-time' access to various data-sources.
  • Data-Warehouse that is both flexible and could support complex analytics.
  • Best-of-breed Dashboard and Visual Analytics tools.


  1. Better business outcomes through faster business decisions enabled by analyzing critical information effectively and instantly.

  2. Higher Return on Investment through rapid delivery, effective user adoption and quick realization of benefits.

  3. Reduced Cost of Ownership by benefitting from Software and Solution as a Service.