Success Story - Silicon Image

The Challenge

Silicon Image is a fast-growing leader in HD Connectivity with over 1000 patents issued or pending.  In order to achieve increased efficiencies in the Compliance group, Silicon Image partnered with Accelalpha to implement a Global Trade Management (GTM) solution.  Prior to GTM, Restricted Party Screening at Silicon Image was a time-consuming effort.  Although limited automation existed, the majority of customers were screened manually against a small number of government agency lists.  The automatic screening process did not extend beyond the initial screening.  Orders were not placed on hold, users were not notified when there was a potential match and the customer based was not rescreened on a consistent basis.  The lack of automation resulted in increased workload for the export compliance and order fulfillment teams.  

Our Approach

Accelalpha implemented a solution to increase efficiency, accuracy and scalability of the Trade Compliance process.  Real-time integration of EBS and CRM systems to GTM allows Customers to be screened immediately upon creation.  If the Customer is a potential match during Restricted Party List (RPL) Screening, the Customer and associated Orders are automatically placed on hold.  Once the Customer has been reviewed by the Compliance Team and deemed not a match, the Customer and Orders are released.       
Accelalpha provided reusable components for rapid implementation, allowing the project to be completed within two months.  The Consultants and Client Resources worked side-by-side to create and configure the CRP and UAT environments, providing a natural knowledge transfer leading to Client Resources having greater subject matter expertise.  This resulted in increased adoption of the solution and understanding of end users roles and responsibilities.

The Results

  •  Increased Compliance All Customers are screened before any Order is fulfilled and any potential RPL hit is placed on hold.   
  •   Increased Efficiency With the implementation of GTM, the Compliance Team only has to manage exceptions using the RPL Work Bench which improves efficiency and decreases workload.
  •  Reduced Fulfillment Times The automation provided by GTM to EBS integration reduces the time the Order Fulfillment team has to wait for a Customer to be screened.
  •  Auditability The audit functionality allows all user activity to be stored and easily accessed within the system including when a record was changed, who changed the record and what changes were made.  
  •   Scalable Solution New External Systems can be easily integrated with GTM by utilizing the development work already completed.  The solution can easily handle an increase in Customer or Order volume